Every piece is custom made to order

Patterned - Click on image for a closer look.

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SINGLE:$300.00$50.00H: 120CM X W:  92CM X D: 10CM
KING SINGLE:$350.00$50.00H: 120CM X W: 107CM X D: 10CM
DOUBLE:$400.00$60.00H: 120CM X W: 137CM X D: 10CM
QUEEN:$450.00$70.00H: 120CM X W: 153CM X D: 10CM
KING:$500.00$80.00H: 120CM X W: 183CM X D: 10CM
SUPER KING:$550.00$100.00H: 120CM X W: 203CM X D: 10CM


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Code - FB175

Code - FB233   Moo Cow 

Code - FB104

Design:  23

Code - FB110

Code - FB111

Code - FB112

Code - FB155

Design:  1

Code:  FB225   Floral Print with Pink Piping on Edge   Please request for price.

Code - FB120

Code - FB122

Code:  FB-224

Code:  FB266   Pink Floral

Code:  FB267  Blue Floral

Code - FB129

Code:  FB249   90% Cotton 10% Linen

Design:  22

Code:  FB247    90% Cotton 10% Linen

Code - FB137

Code - FB138

Code:  FB241    3 Lily Floral Colorways  0462099

Code:  FB242    Stunning Lida Florals  4 colourways

Code - FB146

Code:  FB268   Rainbow Fleck.   Fabric shown made up in a Chair.

Code:  FB264   Duck Egg and Tan

Code - FB153

Code - FB154

Code - FB156

Code - FB157

Code - FB161

Code:  FB263    Stunning Duck Egg Combo.   Plain Colour for Bedhead and Print for Lampshade & Cushions

Code -  FB217   New York New York

Code - FB144

Code - FB143