Every piece is custom made to order

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SINGLE:$300.00$50.00H: 120CM X W:  92CM X D: 10CM
KING SINGLE:$350.00$50.00H: 120CM X W: 107CM X D: 10CM
DOUBLE:$400.00$60.00H: 120CM X W: 137CM X D: 10CM
QUEEN:$450.00$70.00H: 120CM X W: 153CM X D: 10CM
KING:$500.00$80.00H: 120CM X W: 183CM X D: 10CM
SUPER KING:$550.00$100.00H: 120CM X W: 203CM X D: 10CM


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Code - FB107

Code - FB121

Code - FB173

Code - FB190

Code - FB189

Code - FB192

Code -  FB160

Code - FB114

Code:  FB193   Welland - Steel  (Grey)

Code - FB108

Code - FB116

Code - FB124

Code - FB136   Welland - Denim

Code  -  FB188

Code - FB151

Code - FB159

Code - FB142

Code - FB145

Code - FB106  Black and White Stripe

Code - FB231   RIPLEY - PINK   Butterfly Cushion and Dotty Lampshade

Code:  FB107  Black and Black Velvet Stripe