Every piece is custom made to order

Just some of our Products......

Code - FB232    Haven - Shell Pink  100% Linen

Code  - FB169  Dolly Cement

Fabric:    Chambray Mist



Code - FB191   Chambray Dusk

Fabric:   Beachcomber -  Graphite



Code - FB173

Code - FB167  Beachcomber Fuchsia / Aqua

Code: FB178     Beachcomber Alabaster

Code -   FB190     Dolly Denim

Code - FB231   RIPLEY - PINK   Butterfly Cushion and Dotty Lampshade

Code:  FB273  100% Linen Cushion with Baby Pink Pom Poms

$99.00 Free Postage

Code - FB133  Husk Ice

Code - FB107

Code - FB219   Beachcomber Flame

Code - FB189

Fabric:  Blue and White Stripe

Code:  FB256   Chambray - Mist

Code:  FB-223   Chambray Steel

Code - FB167  Beachcomber Fuchsia / Aqua

Code:  FB258           St Moritz Velvet  - Straw Fabric           

Please advise quote on this fabric.

Code -  FB227    Husk - Driftwood

Code - FB234   Chambray - Ink

Black and White Faux Cow Fur Cushions

Code:  FB259   Nirvana - Seaspray / Chambray Raspberry Buttons

Code:  FB271   100% Linen Pom Pom Cushions

Also available in White with Baby Pink,  Baby Blue and Natural Tan Pom Poms

$99.00 Free Postage

Tee Pee Shelves

Tee Pee Shelves

Code:  FB214  White and Baby Pink Piping and Buttons

Code:  FB274    Cleo Velvets -   Rosewater / Cloud / Cobalt

Code - FB192

Code:  FB276   Chambray - Ivory

Code:  FB277  Chambray - Charcoal   (Square Design   Flanged Edge)