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Slip Cover

Slip Cover

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Australian Made Bedhead Slip Cover and Calico Bedhead.


A simple solution for versatile style.  Slipcovers allow you the freedom to update or change the colour whenever you choose.


All Fabric and Colour choices are on our Fabric Colours Page.


You can either have 2 different fabrics on each side so you can have 1 colour or print on one side and something totally different on the other.   For example:    Velvet on 1 side and Linen the other.    Great way to cut cost on having 2 different bedheads.


Great if you have the Grand Kids Staying Over...... Have a Colour Choice for the Grand Daughter when she stays and change over to the other side with a different colour when the Grand Son stays.    PERFECT!!!!!!!!


We also have Washable Fabric.   So these can be slipped off and washed.  Great for people with Allergies.


Washable Plain Coloured Fabrics are:  Chambray, Esprit , Jarvis and Lucent.  


CLICK HERE to find all Fabrics and Colours.....

CLICK HERE to view more images of this design....


Slipcovers are made in the Flanged Edge style but can do in the Plain design if you prefer.


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SINGLE W: 92CM X H: 120CM X D: 9CM  


KING SINGLE W: 107CM X H: 120CM X D: 9CM  


DOUBLE W: 137CM X H: 120CM X D: 9CM  


QUEEN W: 153CM X H: 120CM X D: 9CM  


KING W: 183CM X H: 120CM X D: 9CM  


SUPER KING W: 203CM X H: 120CM X D: 9CM