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ARCHER Design:


Buttons create a stunning look to this Bedhead.


You can also add Piping or Flanged Edge.


Bedheads are available in all Fabric and Colours on the Fabric Colours Page...


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Fabric:  DOLLY - Peacock

Fabric:  BEACHCOMBER -  Ash / Fuschia Buttons

Fabric:   CHAMBRAY -  Dusk

              BEACHCOMBER - Ice Buttons

             15cm  Adjustable Legs

Fabric:    BEACHCOMBER -  Fuchsia / Aqua

Fabric:     CHAMBRAY -  Steel

Code - FB215   Black   (Esprit Aniseed)

Fabric:    BEACHCOMBER -  Ash / Aqua

Fabric:  Hot Pink with Buttons

Fabric:   DOLLY -  Cement

Fabric:    BEACHCOMBER -  Fuchsia / Aqua

Fabric:    HAVEN - Indigo Navy 100% Linen

Fabric:     HUSK - Linen

Fabric:  DOLLY - Denim

Code - FB169

Code - FB236   Beachcomber - Sable with Beachcomber Oatmeal Buttons

Code - FB230   HAVEN -NATURAL   100% LINEN

Fabric:   DOLLY - Ebony  (Black)

Code:   FB270    Victory Snow & Haven Oyster

Fabric:    BEACHCOMBER  - Fuschia and Mauve

Fabric:   HAVEN - Dark Grey and EASTWOOD  Leather - Slate Buttons

Fabric:   CHAMBRAY - Dusty Blue

Code:   FB-221   Lucent -  Atoll

Code:  FB-222   Lucent - Lemon

Fabric:   NIRVANA - Seaspray / CHAMBRAY -  Raspberry Buttons

Fabric:    PLUSH -  Slate Velvet

Fabric:  BEACHCOMBER - ICE  and Baby Pink Piping and Buttons

Code:  FB281   Light Pink

Fabric:  SLOANE - Seafoam Velvet

Fabric:  HAVEN - Dark Grey with EASTWOOD -  Slate Leather Buttons

Fabric:  CHAMBRAY - Dusk with BEACHCOMBER  - Ice Buttons

Fabric:  HAVEN - Oyster

Fabric:  CLEO - Velvet with Crystal Buttons and Piping.

Fabric:  HAVEN - Dark Grey

Fabric:    BEACHCOMBER -  Fuchsia and Nougat Buttons