Every piece is custom made to order

MONTY  Design:

Panels are made of 2 rows and can be attached to the wall with bracket supplied on back or

3 rows if you require free standing behind ensemble.


Bedheads are available in all Fabric and Colours.


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Fabric:  BEACHCOMBER - Taupe

60cm X 60cm Panels

Thanks Sharon.  Its beautiful & I like it. Great Work!

Fabric:       BEACHCOMBER -  Alabaster

45cm x 60cm Panels

 40cm x 40cm Panels

Fabric:   CHAMBRAY - Steel 

40cm x 40cm Panels

 Made for Mrs Warwick  from Warwick Fabrics

Fabric:     BEACHCOMBER  - Graphite

Fabric:     PLUSH - Jet Velvet

Fabric:   ST MORITZ   - Straw  Velvet Fabric           

Please advise quote on this fabric.

Fabric:  HUSK - Ice

Fabric:    PLUSH -  Indigo Velvet



Fabric:    CUBE - Taupe

Fabric:  BEACHCOMBER - Ash

45cm x 60cm panels

Fabric:  VICENZA - Silver Velvet




Fabric:  LUCENT - Denim

Fabric:  LUCENT - Denim