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Fabric:  HEPBURN - 70% Cotton 30% Linen

Fabric:  Main photo:  Aditi - Black    Aditi - Black/Indigo   Rashmi - Black/Indigo

55% Linen 45% Viscose

Fabric:  THORNBURY -  100% Cotton

Fabric:  MOSIAC

100% Dyed Polyacrylic

Please enquire for pricing.

Fabric:  JAPONICA - 100% Linen

If you love Gardenia's you will love this fabric.......


A - Jade

B - Cobalt

C - Cumin

D - Eucalyptus

E - Mandarin

F - Pomelo

Please request for price.

Fabric:  HOUNDSTOOTH   100% Polyester

Fabric:  JAHAN  - 52% Viscose 13% Cotton 13% Polyester 12% Linen 10% PC

Slimline Vertical Panels

Fabric:  LATIKA Linen

This pretty floral design of Latika is rendered in a variety of masterful embroidery stitches onto a custom-dyed 100% Linen ground.  Available in 6 colours:  Ochre / Rose / Sprig / Natural / Aqua / Indigo    Bedhead will be 110cm high with 15cm legs attached.

Plain Bedhead:

Single:  $950.00

King Single:  $1000.00

Double:  $1200.00

Queen:  $1250.00

King:  $1300.00

Fabric:  MAHARAJA - 55% Linen 45% Viscose

Fabric:  MING    63% Cotton, 37% Linen

Colours:  Clay   Delft   Ink

Please request for Price.

Fabric:  Stunning Coastal Broadwater Blue

* Please enquire for pricing

Top Left

Top Right

Bottom Left

Bottom Right

Fabric:  CHANTILLY   63% Cotton, 37% Linen

Colours:  Clay   Delft    Ink

Please request for price

Fabric:  NOBU Stripe

100% Polyester

Colours:   Indigo / Jet / Mushroom


Top: Big Inky Smudge  Middle:  Miranda Hudrangea   Bottom:  Faraglioni Blue Check

Please request for price.

Fabric:  Top Left: MAYA     Middle:   TIKI TIKI     Top Right:  Madame Butterfly   Please request for price.  

Fabric:   FLORES      Colours:   Sangria,  Moss,  Dusk,  Indian Teal

100% Linen

The sweeping silhouette of Flores has a beautiful sense of movement.

The simplicity of a single tone floral enable this print to retain a graphic edge.

This design has been hand block printed by artisans in India.


Please request pricing.



Fabric:  WALTER G - Dusk Colourways

Please enquire......

Fabric:  WALTER G - Grey Colourways

Please enquire...

Fabric:  WALTER G  -  Pacific Blue Colourways

Please enquire.....

Fabric:  WALTER G - Pink Colourways

Please enquire.....

Fabric:  TUILERIES - 100% Cotton  Washable Great for Slipcovers

Fabric:  Ingeholst  - 100% Libeco Linen

Design:  A, B, C, D

Fabric:  LOTTIE - 70% Cotton 30% Linen

Bedhead made up in Jungle

Fabric:  MALMSBURY - 55 % Linen 45% Rayon

Fabric:  VALENCAY - 65% Cotton 35% Linen

Fabric:  Otelie Linen - 55% Linen 45% Cotton

Painterly perfection, beautiful blooms embody the

colourful accents of nature in this uplifting, contemporary


Fabric:  FLORIAN RANGE - 100% Polyester Washable...  Great for Slipcovers








Fabric:  OCTAVIUS - Wool

Fabric:  FABIO -   BOUCLE   29% Polyester 29% Acrylic 21% Cotton 15% Wool 6% Viscose

Italian sophistication combines delight and texture .....


Fabric:   WELLAND - 100%. Polyester


Washable Fabric - Great for Slipcovers


Fabric:  CALVERTON - 60% Polyester 40% Cotton

Fabric:  ARLINGTON - 100% Polyester:  Washable great for Slipcovers

Fabric:  GRASMERE - 100% Polyester

Washable Fabrics great for Slipcovers